Wizard button placement

Hi, going off the latest Sketch PF4 file for the Wizard component eg here:

The ordering of the buttons seems contrary and opposite to every general UI pattern I’ve seen for button layout in wizards. Is this intentional, or is this some kind of L-to-R from R-to-L conversion mistake? Has this placement been tested?


Hi Mairin,
Thanks for posting this! I think it’s a great point and deserves further discussion. I have been curious about the same thing. I’ll follow up on this and keep this thread updated :slight_smile:

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The intention is to keep the button placement consistent for all use cases - forms, modals, wizards, etc. The primary button is the first / left-most button. In a wizard context it’s ‘next’.

Having the primary action button placed essentially in the middle of the screen is a bit weird though, you lose any Fitz’ Law benefit since it’s nowhere near an edge, and it also breaks the pattern of every other wizard users might encounter where the primary action button is in the lower right. The model for a wizard is a linear left-to-right path, like flipping through the pages of a book - you can’t flip forward by striking the page at the binding?

Just noting that this forum has the reply button on the lower right corner of the card :slight_smile:

I agree with Mairin, the current order is weird and counterintuitive.

It should be like PF3.

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