Where is patternfly.min.js in Patternfly 4

Hello folks,
I am not finding sufficient resources on how to migrate from a Patternfly 3 app to v4.

I’ve got a fairly sized application which is all built with Patternfly 3 (CSS+HTML, no React or Angular). And I want to migrate it to v4.

The immediate issue that I’m hitting is that I am missing the equivalent of patternfly/dist/js/patternfly.min.js. Where is that?

The more general issue that I am having is that it looks like Pf4 components are completely different. Is there any hints as to how to migrate to the new component structure or are we going to need to figure all of that ourselves ?

We do have a page on the website with a guide to upgrading from v3 to v4, although v4 has evolved quite a bit since that guide was created. It is likely still a good starting point


I’d also recommend joining the PatternFly slack workspace (https://slack.patternfly.org/). That’s a great place to ask questions about how to approach implementing specific designs and layouts using PatternFly 4. It’s very active and well monitored.