Toast notifications

is it possible to do toast notifications with pf4? if yes, is it possible to have an example?


Hi @DanyG

In our project we’re using Alert as a toast notification.
Using react portal you can attach it to the body or to a different div and using Redux and timeout you can set the duration time the alert component appears.

Let me know if that helps you.

I’m not sure about the React side, but in Core adding .pf-m-toast to an Alert group turns a group of alerts into “toast” alerts positioned in the top-right of the screen.

I found this React issue discussing optional toast alert timeouts, and @seanforyou23 seemed to get that working on an AlertGroup.

Hi there, we have an open PR for an AlertGroup component which is the PF4 version of what we called Toast Notifications in PF3. Feel free to test drive it and provide any feedback you have. Otherwise just look out for this one to get merged and you should be good to go. Hope it helps!

Great, thanks @seanforyou23 !