Text alignment in card

In my code below, how can I align text to left in card ?

                  <Card isHoverable>
                    <CardBody isFilled={false}>
                      <Grid >
                        <GridItem span={12}>Machine Virtuelle</GridItem>
                        <GridItem span={6}>OS</GridItem>
                        <GridItem span={6}>icone</GridItem>
                        <GridItem span={12}>Power</GridItem>
                        <GridItem span={12}>CPU</GridItem>
                        <GridItem span={6}>Memory</GridItem>
                        <GridItem span={6}>Tools</GridItem>
                        <GridItem span={6}>Network</GridItem>
                        <GridItem span={6}>Snapshot</GridItem>


My goal is to make something like this


OK, I have found.

Add ‘align-items’: ‘flex-start’

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hehehehe…few weeks ago we need this too. If you need some “special grid” you have some information in Medium or the Andres Galante profile. Search on the web about him, and you find a lots pieces of code or videos and tell us some great advises of PF 4…if you need something or want to discuss about the projects we can made with this great template, sent my a PM.

:wink: Regards DanyG!!