TableComposable compact padding for expanded rows?

I am using a TableComposable with variant="compact" and have added expandable rows. I have it working, but the expanded rows are not compact.
How can I get the same compact padding on the child row as the parent?

Hi @guystreeter,

If you play with the compact toggle in this example (PatternFly 4 • Table), you should see that the font size and padding size is changing in the expandable content when the compact variant is applied.

The example also demonstrates how to have more fine tuned control over the padding depending on your use case.

What are you trying to put into your expandable content? Is it something with a margin built into it causing the padding to look larger? Maybe it’s a good use case for the ‘noPadding’ prop.

Thanks for replying.

I used that example for my implementation. I just went and checked the example again, and the “compact” setting does not reduce the padding in the children like it does in the parent.

I’m putting the same kind of thing in the child as the parent: it’s just a row with a single line of plain text in each column.

Using “nopadding” makes the child column text not line up with the parent.