Support for twig vs handlebars

Im currently reviewing options for a component library for our Drupal project. We currently use stylguidist for our js framework projects but that doest work well for our existing twig components.

  • Does patternfly (html) currently or plan to support twig as a templating option vs handlebars?

In the git repo I saw this file and was curious if this is an example of how to integrate the templating framework of choice.

Any advice or direction on using patternfly with twig would be much appreciated.


After diving a bit more into patternfly, I think I may of had a misunderstanding of what it is and is not.

It seems as thought Patternfly is a style framework like bootstrap or foundation not so much a style guide framework like storybook or styleguidist.

So I guess if this assumption is correct my original question doesnt make much sense.