Spinner experimental component

PatternFly has introduced the concept of experimental components. Moving forward, new components will be introduced to the community as experimental, allowing us to release new components early and adapt to feedback about the design or implementation. Since these components are opt-in only, they’re open to breaking changes before becoming fully supported in PatternFly.

Check out the Spinner experimental component and tell us what you think by liking this post if you’re happy with the design and implementation or replying with comments about how this component can improve.

Your feedback is essential in order for this component to graduate to the next level and become part of the core package. Some questions to help you evaluate the component include:

  • Does the API make sense? If not, tell us why.
  • Does the component behave as you expected? If not, tell us what you expected.
  • Does the component meet your use case? If not, tell us more about your use case.

The spinner appears to be a solid blue circle showing no movement in the examples. I would have expected the spinner to be visibly spinning. Or am I misinterpreting what a spinner is?

The spinner is spinning on my end, both FF and chrome.

I am curious - I still get the artifacting we determined was due to some gpu/driver issue, I wonder if this is really isolated to Mid-2015 Macbook Pros or if it’s more widespread. Hopefully the issue @rhwood is running into isn’t related!

Sorry, failed to mention I’m seeing this on Safari, iOS 13.1.2

I am wondering how does the spinner appear in a static hi-fidelity mockup. I think you get to see any one frame out of entire animation, may be a patch here and there, it may not appear as spinner… just a thought from me…

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That’s really good question! I was thinking about it and I think it’s possible to create a spinner as gif and then we can add this gif as a layer on a static hi-fidelity mockup in Marvel app.
You can have a static layer and gif on it. So, you can click e.g. on something (button) and gif appears. Spinner gif can be created in After Effects and we don’t need to use other plugins. What do you think about it?