Sketch Template for PatternFly 4

Does a PatternFly 4 Sketch template library exist yet for PatternFly 4. I thought I saw Kyle demo it one time, but I can’t find it.

Yes, we do. It’s called the PatternFly Design Kit and you can find info and Sketch files here: Let me know if you have any problems setting that up @vconzola and I can help you through.

Is there any alternative way to access those templates? I do not have access to a Mac (and would honestly prefer not to.)

@mairin A while back I had created a PatternFly template for Balsamiq Mockups which I know runs on Mac and Windows, and maybe Linux, but I’m not sure. If that’s useful I can send you a link to this.

@mairin The Lunacy app for Windows does a decent job at rendering most of the Sketch file, but it definitely has some quirks (I had to open the file twice before it succeeded). It’s worth a try if you’d just like to look at the file and export a few things.

I’d appreciate that very much, thank you @mcarrano! My email is duffy @ redhat

Thanks for the suggestion @abraren - I’m afraid I use Linux :slight_smile:

@mairin here is a link to the templates folder in our design repo: You can download the Balsamiq template from there. It is a bit dated, but still useful for creating wireframes that are consistent with PatternFly. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. If you have used symbols in Balsamiq before, it should be pretty straight forward.

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@mairin I just remembered that the web-based Figma has a Sketch file importer. I tried it and it works at least a little better than Lunacy. Here’s a public link to my conversion test (use the icon on the top-left to switch between the file’s pages).

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Awesome thanks for the tip, I’ve been using Figma and it seems to work well!

This is a link to the latest PF4 sketch file. For future reference!

Hello all!

This seems to be the latest (updated 2019-Oct-07) PF4 Template sketch file

Also, does anybody here know of a way to keep the template file automatically up-to-date? Something similar to the way the library is auto-updated? Thx!