Search across pages

Hey Patternfly experts,

I’m building a small Patternfly v4/React interface that connects back to a Spring Boot API to display data to users. I’m looking to implement the pagination component for my list view, and wanted to also look at offering a ‘search’ feature across pages.

I’ve had a look at the Patternfly Basic Filter, though it doesn’t look like this supports filtering/searching across pages.

Does anyone have recommendations on how best to approach this? Should I just create a search box per the toolbar demo, and use my own logic to POST to a ‘search’ endpoint at the Spring Boot API?

Greatly appreciate any assistance.


Hey @shane!

Thanks for reaching out.

Check out our design documentation on Filters for more information on our PatternFly recommendations. See:

We don’t provide any backend support via PatternFly. In the future, we would like to build out demos that help support our design recommendation, however we aren’t quite there yet and those are still a little further out on the roadmap.

@shane as @lhinson notes, we don’t have a working demo of this, but there is no reason the filter pattern we have can’t work across pages. For example, if you had 50 items at 10 items per page resulting in 5 pages and filtered to 20 items, your page count should go from 5 to 2. If the filter is used with pagniation, the intent is that the data set is first filtered and then re-paginated with the new item count.

Perhaps we need to make this more clear in the documentation. Let me know if you have further questions.