React Chart Bar Legends not showing

Copy pasted the code from:

Not all of the dependancies are included in the example as well. I can see that the chart there is actually displaying a legend, how to i get it to show up?

Pie charts don’t work either…

Actually, it looks like non of the charts show a legend.

Anyone out there?

The chart is shown, but no legend?

Is it possible, via the inspector, that a legend has been rendered, but the container isn’t large enough for it to be in view?

The parent container should be as large as the chart, but large enough to accommodate legends, labels, etc. – typically the same height and width

Note that the legend component can be used separately.

Regarding dependencies, are you speaking about packages or the CSS selectors used in the example?

Hey there,

I am very familiar with browser dev tools. The elements are not being rendered at all. This cannot be the same as what code you have in your documentation.