PatternFly 4 version rc.2

PatternFly 4 version rc.2 is live!

We’ve added a bunch of features and improvements with our latest release. Check out what’s new and changed:

What’s new
– Refined and improved charting in React now available on the website
– Improved TypeScript support
– updated 23 components that were using handcrafted d.ts files to natively written TypeScript

What’s fixed
– Updates and fixes to documentation for tables, charts, alerts, about modal, and grid props
– Added support for groups in dropdown, compact wizard nav width, alerts in about modal, nodes in Alert title, and dropping columns in a table

Breaking changes – PatternFly 4 React charts

Due to improvements and updates made to charting, this release includes breaking changes that could impact any products that have adopted the React charting package in PatternFly 4. In order to help resolve these breaking changes in products quickly, we added detailed information about what’s changed and instructions on how to resolve issues in release notes for charting.

Check out the latest updates on the PatternFly 4 website. For more information, see our GitHub release milestones for React and Core or check out our release notes for React and Core. If you have feedback or questions, head over to the PatternFly forum. New ideas are always welcome!

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after this RC2 announcement last june I never seen any Final or GA announcement.
However, the PatternFly official website switched from V3 as the “predefined version” to V4 in the last months.

So: PatternFly 4 is considered in a final and released state or is again in an RC state?

Thanks for any feedback.