New PatternFly 4 Beta Release

We’re excited to announce a new beta release of PatternFly 4!

PatternFly 4 introduces updates to our visual language along with improvements to modularity, accessibility, and responsiveness. This beta milestone represents the hard work of our Red Hat UXD team combined with fantastic support and feedback from our product teams.

This release includes breaking changes that will potentially impact products that have adopted PatternFly 4. The reason for these changes include absorbing recent brand changes as well as refinements to the architecture. For specifics, you can check out the GitHub Milestones, React release Milestone and Core release Milestone.

In order to help resolve these breaking changes in products as quickly and easily as possible, we have provided information about what has changed as well as direction on how to resolve it in our Core release notes and our React release notes.

Interested in getting your hands on the latest and greatest? Check out the PatternFly HTML/CSS workspace or the PatternFly React workspace to get started. If you have feedback or questions, head over to the PatternFly forum. We always welcome new ideas, so don’t be shy!

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