Need pattern for 'unsupported browser' view

We need to add an unsupported browser warning for IE11 on our product. Is there a pattern for this?


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Hi Greg, sorry for the delay. Not to my knowledge, but the mockups created by Laura look good to me.

I don’t pretend to know the full backstory of this requirement or what functionality breaks in oVirt when using IE11, but I do wonder if Laura’s initial suggestion to use a (possibly un-close-able) inline notification to warn IE11 users rather than completely blocking them might be preferred by those poor (and sometimes captive) souls.

I’m not a fan of IE and it’s (eventually) dying anyway, but so long as even some of oVirt still works or is visible in IE it may be worth allowing those users to access the application, even in a somewhat broken state.

If WebSockets or whichever web technology is critical to the usage of the application to the point where it doesn’t even load without it, then I would be totally fine with using one of Laura’s designs for IE11 users.