JS Framework for PatternFly 4

Originally published at: https://blog.patternfly.org/patternfly/js-framework-for-patternfly-4/

After lengthy discussion, the PatternFly team has chosen React as the JS implementation for PatternFly 4. We want to stress that we will continue to maintain our current PatternFly 3 Angular repos (angular-patternfly and patternfly-ng). The JS framework question has gotten a lot of attention, so we wanted to talk a bit about how we…

Does this mean you can use PatternFly 4 only in combination with React? What if I want to use PatternFly 4 with vanilla JS? Is this something which is supported?


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I am also unclear about how to use (or not!) plain HTML/JS with Patternfly4. I am coming to it new, having not tried PF3 and while the documentation seems to say that React is not necessary, I can’t find anyjavascript files that I should be loading. The css works beautifully and maybe I have to do all the actions myself?

@hpehl @phoebebright the only JS implementation of PatternFly 4 currently supported is PatternFly React. PatternFly React is built on top of PatternFly Core, which is the base set of components and layouts written in HTML/CSS. You are welcome to build on top of Core with vanilla JS or a different framework if you’d like.

Here is a link to the PatternFly 4 Core documentation, which provides details for how the components are built, and provides examples, documentation, and the markup used for various variations and states that you can reference for building your own JS components.