Issue with a patternfly elemnt, but I can not create one

I tried to include your elements into my designer (

and there i detected an issue with a component (wrong filename in package.json, see:

I’ve also already fied it, but I can not create an issue, no discussion and no pull request

Thanks for the post! It looks like this is an issue for the PatternFly Elements team, @castastrophe or @kendalltotten may be able to take a look at the issue. In the meantime, please check that your suggested PR follows the instructions listed in the PR template:

Please note that your pull request title MUST adhere to conventional commits to be valid. For more information:

Hi @jogibear9988, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Thank you for the PR. I opened it for you here: and will get that merged and included in our next release (likely v1.10.0).