How do I use PatternFly in Rails 6?

I have a freshly initialized rails app and want to use PatternFly. What is the preferred way to do this? The documentation is a bit thin.

Plus, the fact that there seems to be a PatternFly 4, but still builds version 3, and is deprecated, makes the whole thing a bit confusing to be honest.

Preferable I would like to use v4, and with a method that is easy to maintain.


This is a good question - the Rails support for PatternFly 3 was contributed by the community and our expertise lies around more native JavaScript framework application bundling (specifically focusing on React and previously Angular). Our current supported bundled component solution for PatternFly 4 directly requires React which probably doesn’t provide too much help for you directly.

The PatternFly 4 CSS lives in the patternfly-next repository. If you are familiar with building gems and wanted to contribute that to the build process, I think we’d be happy to consider taking it in. Other than that, is there a preferred method for consuming PatternFly 4 css that is preferable for a Rails application?