Grid issue in desktop Safari

Hi all, I’ve been having a problem getting the grid to collapse into a single column in desktop Safari (v13.0.5). Chrome, Firefox, and IOS Safari behave properly.

I see the same issue with the PF “smart responsive” example here:

Safari behavior:

Any ideas? Thank you.

Hey @Eric_Winchell, the example on the site seems to work OK for me in desktop Safari. The grid is a single column from 0-576px. Can you provide a demo of the code you’re using and more info about the problem to help me try and reproduce it?

Here is a simpler demo that also works for me in Safari, switching from 2 columns to 1 > 992px - Is the grid behaving correctly there?

Thanks,@mcoker It turns out the problem was that the viewport would not shrink properly because of pinned tabs. Removing the pins, allowed the grid to collapse properly.

@Eric_Winchell great, glad to hear it’s working OK!