Getting started with PatternFly 4

I’m trying to get started with PatternFly 4, and I really can’t make heads or tails of just WHERE to begin. I tried following the step to clone the patterfly-seed project, but when I do that and run the server as the docs say, nothing works.

How do I get this framework installed and ready to start creating some content? And how to I go about creating content dynamically on the back end? What does everyone use? Javascript, Ruby, something else? I ask because we use Red Hat Satellite in our environment, and I see that they use alot of Enhanced Ruby (erb) files underneath, so I’m trying to wrap my head around how to program the pages we want/need.


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This! The documentation needs a major re write. Example links point to release notes. No examples of connecting to databases, just static tables.

In a world where there are a hundred languages, hundreds of different methodologies and frameworks, I don’t want to spend a week learning how to get something to say hello world.

If Patternfly wants to become popular with anyone besides some red hat manager they will build a simple container and put it on dockers hub or red hats repo. Pull in, start, examples of a running site with everything preloaded and a dB call to something… heck even a sqlite3 dB… anything.

I shouldn’t spend weeks trying to see how to even install something.

Notice even the parent comment to this has zero reply’s from the Patternfly folks.