Figma template or PatternFly 4

I was wondering if there are people interested in a Figma template for PatternFly 4.

I’ve been looking for a small side project and this seems perfect, however, I’m not entirely sure if there’s a need for this.

Let me know guys!

Hi @Yasen_Dimov, are you asking if we are interested in a contribution to PatternFly for a PatternFly 4 Figma template?

Hey @lhinson,

I can see how this is slightly confusing. Yes, I’m asking whether the community is/will be interested in contribution from my side of a Figma template for PatternFly 4.

Hi @Yasen_Dimov,

It is possible to import the Sketch files that we currently have into Figma which you can read more about on our Get Started - Designers page. Is there anything faulty with this process to warrant a dedicated Figma kit?

Importing Sketch files to Figma comes with no support for Text / Colour styles (And also lacks Figma’s grid support), leading to some additional work, if a designer wants to customise PatternFly.

However, I’m new here and I might not have the full context. Thanks for the quick replies though!

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@Yasen_Dimov yes, we would definitely be interested. I know this has been a challenge for some and making this available to others would be very helpful. Would you also continue to maintain it? There may be others interested in contributing to the effort as well.

Sounds great then.
Yes, my intention is to continue maintaining it and open it for others to contribute.

Let me have a look at what you guys currently have and I’ll set it up this week.

Very good. Thanks @Yasen_Dimov!

By the way, not sure this is the right place for the following, but in any case:

The very first link to the Sketch template here leads to an HP Landing page instead of the PatternFly 4 library.

Thanks @Yasen_Dimov, opened a ticket about it.

Feel free to ping me about Figma, I remember getting those problems you mentioned as well and can help out if time permits