DragDrop Bug

It appears(At least in Chrome) that when a DragDrop droppable zone is empty, you can not add items to it. I have have tried ensuring the height was never 0. The onDrop seems be unable to register an empty Droppable zone.

Are there any known workarounds?

Hi @JordanSchnur I don’t think i’ve ever seen that issue.
You’re welcome to open an issue in Issues · patternfly/patternfly-react · GitHub and maybe include screenshots or a codesandbox to reproduce the issue.

I’ll will though give a caveat that we are currently working on implementing a newer, more accessible and flexible drag and drop solution. We even have a (slow moving) WIP PR you can view. It’s likely since that effort is underway, there won’t be many updates made to the older DragDrop solution. If you open the issue, though, we might be able to help you debug.