Changing Axis on the Patternfly Bullet Chart to Strings

I am looking to change the Bullet Chart axis so it displays strings rather than numbers. Is this possible?

It would look like this:


You can try overriding axisComponent. Specifically, you want to look at Victory’s tickFormat prop.

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Thanks again for the help dlabrecq, I managed to do it following the documentation.

The code is:

          tickValues={[0, 25, 50, 75, 100]}
          tickFormat={function (val) {
            switch (val) {
            case 0:
              return 'New';
            case 25:
              return 'Beginner';
            case 50:
              return 'Intermediate';
            case 75:
              return 'Advanced';
            case 100:
              return 'Expert';
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