Category list - what should they be?

We need to pick the list of categories for users to see - The Foreman team has done a great job with their discourse board (if we want some inspiration) -

Here is an initial stab:

Design Questions

  • PatternFly-React
  • PatternFly-Ng
  • Angular-PatternFly
    Release Announcements (?) - does this make sense for the way PatternFly releases?
    Site Feedback

Also - does differentiating between PatternFly 3 and PatternFly 3 in our categories just confuse things or should we encourage posting questions together and just specifying which version you are targeting?

I agree, the Foreman categories are nice. Are there any categories in the Foreman site that you think we shouldn’t include?

I agree that we need a Design category, and I would just have it as “Design” and not “Design Questions”.

I would put the following as sub-categories under development:

  • PatternFly-React
  • PatternFly-Ng
  • Angular-PatternFly

And keep Release Announcements as a first level category.

Should Migration be added as a category? I could see that being a hot topic.

And I think these could be tags to further label topics:

  • PatternFly 3
  • PatternFly 4
  • Accessibility

My $.02. :wink:


+1 for Design vs Design questions

Should continue to refer to our HTML/CSS as “PatternFly-Core” for consistency with how we refer to this projects as well as to align with how we refer to these other projects? Not sure if these categories have descriptions that can help clarify.

+1 for Migration

What is “Release Announcements” was simply “Announcements”? This would give us a place to communicate out re: various efforts/decisions/etc.