Buttons in table

Hi, I got a question on the action buttons usage in the table pattern.

In my use case, I’m trying to put an Add button in the toolbar (see the screenshot below). But it looks a little strange. It seems like the buttons here will take actions to some selected objects.

I have checked the guideline in the PatternFly website. It also says the buttons in the toolbar should be “actions that apply to all selected items”.

Do we have a guideline on where to put the Add/Create button in a table? Is the toolbar the right place?

I’ve been putting add/create buttons in the toolbar as they are actions that relate to the entire table.

That’s a little different from the PatternFly definition of “actions that apply to all selected items”… maybe this guidance needs to be updated?

@Yihui_Wang There is no reason that a global Add or Create action cannot be included in a toolbar like this. I can see where the wording of the guideline doc is a bit misleading.