Accessibility of link treatment on default gray BG

We’re using the expandable component on our dashboard, where we end up with it on the default gray bg. The contrast between the link blue and bg is 3.95, The font is 16pt semibold according to live examples I’ve inspected. Looking at the WC3 site, they have the following scenario as a “Sufficient Technique” for AA contrast minimums

Situation B: text is at least 18 point if not bold and at least 14 point if bold
• G145: Ensuring that a contrast ratio of at least 3:1 exists between text (and images of text) and background behind the text…

Do we know if semibold passes as bold for accessibility? We have another link next to our badges that needs to pass as well. Thought I’d just replicate the treatment of the expandable component link, but wanted to verify the current expandable component is working alright in our situation from the contrast standpoint.

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Brian, this is a known issue and there are other places where this same issue exists. We have a story in the backlog to update the blue link and the background gray to a a passable level of contrast.

One thing to note with your proposed solution is PT and PX are not 1:1. To fall under the 3:1 exception the font would be 22px semibold (16pt). This size is not going to fit great in that space and we would have to make another variable for it to account for this size across the system.

For now the best move is to move forward with what you have until the new hex colors story gets prioritized.

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